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cFour Retained Search
Traditional Retained Search

cFour Partners bring senior executive experience in a multitude of industries. We have developed extensive data bases and networks to provide comprehensive search support services, which we couple with our direct research to provide in-depth coverage of the candidate universe. Our clients represent a broad spectrum of regional, national, and multinational organizations in entertainment, financial services, technology including ecommerce, communications, consumer packaged goods and services, professional services, industrial products, services, technology, defense, international trade, retail/direct marketing, healthcare, education, and infrastructure. They range in size from start-up organizations to Fortune 100 companies.

cFour Select
Modified Retainer

cFour Select has been established to address the changing recruitment strategy requirements of our clients. This service offers a modified retainer and fee structure for key select positions on a project basis and/or based on volume of recruitment activities within the organization. Utilizing our extensive database and network of contacts, cFour Select provides clients with the ability to efficiently address many of our clients' needs at various levels of the organization, not typically serviced by retained search firms. We offer a complete menu of search services that can be unbundled including:

  • Research and Candidate Development
  • Candidate Evaluation and Interviews
  • Benchmarking and Referencing
  • Negotiating and Closure

cFour Situation Analysis
Management Assessment

cFour Partners Situation Analysis is a value added fee service utilized by clients prior to commencing a search project. The purpose of the service is to gather and analyze relevant market data, as it pertains to a particular position, to increase the chances of success in recruiting the most appropriate candidate. The Situation Analysis can also serve as a preliminary assessment tool. The process begins with interviews of the client's senior management team who will be responsible for making the hiring decision. cFour produces a written informational report based upon the following: known potential candidate(s) review; interviews with industry senior executives; and an informational report, which includes real-time compensation information based on the position's parameters, and identifies potential prospects.

cFour Interim Management
Executive Interim Placement

cFour Partners, in partnership with Cerius Interim Executive Solutions (, offers their clients executive professionals in all major disciplines, for interim placements and assignments. This program offers flexibility with length of the assignment, costs, payroll services etc. We have an extensive database of officers for CEO, COO, President and all Vice President requirements.

cFour Partners Worldwide
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