Corporate Profile

John Emery, Director
Morgan O'Bryant, Director

cFour Partners Worldwide


We strongly believe great people build great companies. And there's nothing more important than finding strong, intelligent, determined people to lead your company to greatness.

Every decision we make is based on this fundamental belief. From the people we hire to run our firm to the people we recruit to lead our clients' companies - we are always searching for the ideal elements to succeed.

cFour Partners Worldwide is a global retained executive search firm providing gifted leaders to emerging and rapid growth companies, and established companies undergoing significant transitions.

Our work goes beyond that of traditional retained search firms. We are not hired to simply fill a position - we serve as strategic and tactical partners to our clients, helping them through major corporate transitions, and enabling them to achieve and maintain industry dominance.

For a complete list of cFour Partners' Executive Recruiting Service Offerings, click here to download our Recruitment Solutions brochure.


The Four C's to Our Success:
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Commitment, Experience and Expertise
  • Consulting Services and Strategic Introductions
  • Customized, Personalized Service with Integrity

The strength of our industry and functional expertise, coupled with our desire to provide premier customer service and personalized attention, separates cFour Partners Worldwide from other executive search firms. Each search is different and each client's needs are unique. cFour Partners Worldwide understands the intricacies of your needs as well as the needs of well-qualified candidates. It is our pleasure to work in conjunction with you to harmoniously arrive at the same destination.