Corporate Profile

We deliver immediate impact and excellence through
  • An unrivaled track record - 98% closure rate and 95% repeat business rate.
  • Proven, tenured executive search expertise with solid industry experience.
  • Partners responsible and engaged on all assignments.
  • Strategic advisors and agents of change.
  • Speed of execution - offers out/in average of 65 to 70 days.
  • Relationships built and maintained with clients via weekly Status Reports and regular Partner/Client interface.
Private Equity Program Overview

This transaction focused program is for executives with middle market and larger company opportunities (revenues of $15 million to over $1 billion).

  • Recapitalizations of companies whose owners variously seek partial and/or complete liquidity are a specialty
  • Buyouts and growth financings undertaken with regularity


  • Substantial Equity in the Company You Lead
  • Experienced Private Equity Advisors: 20 Years in Billion Dollar Private Equity Funds; 20 Years of Recruiting and Investing in Private Equity Fund Transactions
  • Added Credibility Of The Opportunity With Our Select Group of Equity Sources Based on Long Term Relationships
  • The Right Value-Added Equity Partner For the Business
  • Funding For a Broad Range of Companies of All Sizes and Funding Requirements
  • Assistance in Developing the Strategy, Structure and Approach to the Business Opportunity and your Equity Participation
  • No Cost to the Executive. Our Consulting Fees Are Paid by the Private Equity Fund at Closing


  • Executives Running Companies With Little or No Equity Participation
  • Executives Who Have an Acquisition Strategy, including companies whose owners seek partial and/or full liquidity. Thus, the strategy applies to acquisition of all or part ownership of the business
  • Executives Who Are Being Approached By Owners to Manage a Business
  • Executives of Public and Private Companies That Seek to Recapitalize the Business For Future Growth
  • Executives Who Can Improve the Performance of an Under Managed or Distressed Business
  • Executives and Service Providers Who Identify an Opportunity They Would Not Run, But Would Like to Participate in Fees

Kinds of Companies Qualified for our Private Equity Program
(Companies in Most Business Segments Qualify, Due to Our Extensive Coverage)

Companies may be

  • Manufacturers
  • Service Companies
  • Value Added Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Under Performing or Distressed Companies Capable of Turnaround

Is There Acquisition Opportunity Now

  • Proprietary Deals (non-auction) Are Always in Demand
  • Pricing More Favorable to Buyers in Softer Economy
  • Equity and Debt Still Readily Available
  • Interest Rates Still Low
  • Chance to Own "Piece of the Rock"
  • Control Your Own Destiny


John Geer, President of Private Equity Partners, Inc., has been in the private equity business for over 20 years with large, publicly held banks. Mr. Geer was a senior deal maker with the private equity funds of Security Pacific Bank and Mellon Bank. Each fund grew portfolios to over $1 billion at cost. After Bank of America bought Security Pacific, Mr. Geer managed the portfolio (then $1.3 billion). He was then recruited by Mellon Bank to open their private equity business in the West. Since leaving Mellon Ventures as a vested partner, Mr. Geer has marketed deals for several leading private equity funds with which he has worked extensively, all of which add significant value to the companies in which they invest and are good partners for talented CEO's and other senior executives.

This program is designed to facilitate CEO's and senior executive's acquisition of businesses with private equity financing on a proprietary basis.

The Private Equity Program is the first of its kind available to talented executives. With our numerous relationships and a combined 40 years of experience in dealing with private equity sources, we present you with a one stop shop. We have developed a professional, disciplined process to secure private equity funding from well selected funds on a proprietary basis. No once in a lifetime opportunity is lost because the few equity sources which may be known to an executive ultimately decline.

Private Equity Program Details

Please download the Program here.(PDF 42K)


John Geer

Private Equity Partners
Tel.: (310) 710-5858